Coal ( Own Mine )

Expert in Coal ( Own Mine ) for all industry.

Coal is a solid fossil hydrocarbon that represents the storage of solar energy from the past in the form of preserved plant material. The plants during the preservation process have been broken down into organic matter that comprises moisture, ash, volatile matter (gases and liquids given off on heating) and fixed carbon. The volatile matter and fixed carbon both contain energy and this is released on burning the coal. In 2008 the world consumed some 4.76 billion tonnes of coal and this made up about 32.53% of all fossil fuel consumption in the world.

We are one of affiliates groups of companies with activities start from producing coal, logistic infrastructure including feeder barge port, feeder barges operator, stockpile management to consolidate several coal sources, and deliver the range of coal specification to niche buyers.

KEMINDO COAL is a brand owned by Kemindo Group. Kemindo role is consolidating the coal resources in surrounding area with challenging river logistics, then manage the stock piles in Teluk Timbau, Kalimantan Port and Jambi Port to give the quality and the delivery assurance.