Pulp, Paper And Water Treatment

All chemicals for pulp, paper & water treatment you need.

We work together with our customers to improve the productivity & efficiency by combining right chemistries, know how and application methods.

Kemindo provide chemicals in Pulp and Paper making processes to increase production efficiency, reduce the overall cost as well as increase the products quality. Our StarSORB PNP increases the machine productivity by increasing the dewatering rate, ash content as well as retention performance. StarFORM retention program, which consist of flocculant (StarPOL), Bentonite based micro-particle (StarLITE)as well as anionic micro-polymer (StarMPOL), improve retention, drainage and formation at the same time. StarLITE is the highest performance Bentonite available in the market. StarBRIGHT can improve brightness of paper at lower cost and Kemindo’s pigment dyes provide stable shading on paper with lower OBA consumption. StarSIZE is our Alkaline Internal Sizing “ASA” program, combined with Kemulsifier system (Kemindo Emulsifier Unit) to provide stable,even and small particle size of ASA/Starch. The ratio of ASA:Starch can be reduced significantly.

When bulky is needed, our StarBULK series products are the solution. To achieve stronger paper, StarBOND is the anwer. StarBOND can increase not only stronger paper, but also higher speed results. StarBOND WS is our well-known brand for high solid Wet Strength agent.

In Pulp, besides general chemicals such as Methanol, caustic soda, Peroxide, Kemindo has StarSIL for Wash-Aids (Defoamer) and StarCLEAN for felt cleaning applications. StarZYME is our enzyme series product for enzyme application.

In Coating application, StarWHITE is our Calcined Clay . Calcined Clay in coating improves print properties and as s a filler improves the optical and thermal properties of the paper while lowering cost by replacing more expensive pigments and polymers.


PULP Chemicals

- Pulp Defoamer
- Pitch Control
- Digester Additives
- Enzymes
- Sodium Hydroxide (Caustic Soda)
- Sulphuric Acid
- Quick Lime ( CaO) & Lime Derivative
- PAC (powder, Liquid)

PAPER Chemicals

Functional Chemicals :
- Sizing Chemicals
- Wet Strength
- Starches (Native, Cationic Starch)
- Colorants

Process Chemicals :
- Retention Bentonite
- Starsorb PNP
- StarBULK
- Micropolymer
- Dry Strength

Coating Chemicals :
- Colorants
- OBAs
- Latex
- Calcine Clay

WATER Treatment

- Polymer
- Aluminium Sulphate
- Activated Carbon
- Scale inhibitor
- Defoamer
- Coagulant
- Ammoniac
- Isothiazolin
- Sodium Tri poly phosphate
- Citric Acid