Kemindo - Your Partner Solution ®

Company Overview

KEMINDO’s name is identic with SOLUTION. Our motto “Your Solution Partner” that provide solutions for customers. A multinational group of companies under KEMINDO to provide solution for customers in various industrial applications (Pulp&Paper, Mining, Agriculture, Food & logistic services). KEMINDO name was established in early 2000s, today has become one of leading name throughout region in Singapore, Indonesia, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines and other Asean countries. With a combined 98 years industrial experience, and the inspiration to do things fair and right, we came together to forge ahead this venture. We bring a pledge of commitment to deliver excellence in supplying solutions to our all customers.


Be the best in the market we serve in bringing VALUE to our customers, society and environment on each the way that we will do. Living by this Vision should enable us to grow and help set commendable industry standards throughout the region.


KEMINDO Motto’s Your Solution Partner® is in line with our Mission to provide exceptional solution (products and quality service) to our customers at the lowest possible cost. Our goal is to help our customers maximize their profitability by providing them with what they need at reasonable costs. This objective is accomplished by creating a specific synergy between all the elements of the supply chain and the industrial process; bringing together the strength of our expertise, our own production sites, and our entire Global network to fulfill the needs of the customer. KEMINDO is committed to always do the best in our field to fulfill our customers’ need. Our operation will respect to regulations, including safety and environment protection. KEMINDO Group will participate in establishing a better social community.


We operate our company with integrity; our word is our guarantee. Hard work and Dedication cemented together by mutual Trust and Respect makes this commitment to True Partnership more than just mere words. Finally, the highest value is placed on our customers, without whom we would not exist and we will strive every day to live up to their expectations of us by providing concentrated effort to satisfying their needs in every way possible.

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