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New Development

We are placing ourselves as not only quality product supplier, but also solution provider. Therefore, we must keep busy in developing new product, or service or solution to our customers. The new development is not limited to product, but also including the method or solution in reducing customers’ production cost.

Cyanide is the most well-known and effective in extracting gold, but Cyanide has environmental and human health issues. We are involving in a product development to replace Cyanide. Green lixiviant to replace cyanide is under development now. RE-CYANIDE, which means recovery the Cyanide and re-use again is another project we are working at.

Nickel industry is growing now and more and more Nickel Smelters will be build in Indonesia. We are working to introduce more value products and project developments with some Nickel related companies.

In Green energy part, company is developing and working with a foreign company in producing briquettes / pallets from Palm Oil Trees and  waste from Palm Oil Mills. The Pallets/ briquettes will be a green energy sources to replace coal now and near future.

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