Germany’s economy has yet to recover from the pandemic, new data shows.

The Federal Statistical Office has reported that Germany’s economy grew by 2.7% last year, with growth hit by Covid-19 infections and restrictions imposed to fight the pandemic.

That leaves Germany’s GDP still 2.0% lower in 2021 than in 2019, the year before the Covid-19 crisis began.

Germany’s GDP
Germany’s GDP Photograph: Destatis

Dr. Georg Thiel, president of the Federal Statistical Office, says:

“Despite the continuing pandemic situation, more delivery bottlenecks and material shortages, the German economy managed to recover from the sharp fall last year although the economic performance has not yet reached its pre-crisis level again.”

Germany’s factory sector has been hit by supply chain issues, with semiconductor shortages hurting the car industry. Manufacturing, for instance, was 6.0% below the level of 2019 in 2021.