Jakarta, CNN Indonesia -- A Transair 810 Boeing 737 cargo plane made an emergency landing off the coast of Honolulu, Hawaii on Friday (2/7) morning local time. CNN reported live on LiveACT that the pilot said there was an engine problem before the plane went down.

"The pilot reported an engine problem and tried to return to Honolulu when they were forced to land in the water," the Federal Aviation Administration wrote in a statement.

It took off from Daniel K. Inouye International Airport in Honolulu at 1:33 p.m. local time according to Flightradar 24. Shortly after broadcasting, the plane began to veer to the right then informed of a change of direction to the nearest airport, Kalaeloa Airport.

The pilot was reportedly unable to maintain speed and altitude as one of the two Boeing 737-200 engines was problematic. According to LiveATC footage suspected other machines are also well known.

"We lost one engine and we went straight to the airport," said one of the flight crews who requested to the Air Traffic Controller provide firefighters on the ground.

"We're going to lose another engine too. It's working very hot," the crew said.

The plane did not make it to the airport, but instead crashed about two nautical miles south of Kalaeloa.

The crew was rescued by the coast guard, while others were rescued by local firefighters. Both were taken to Queens Medical Center.

According to Transair's website, the company uses the Boeing 737 as a cargo and charter carrier in Hawaii. The company was founded in 1982.

Transair CEO Teimour Riahi said both crews are currently undergoing treatment.

"We are working closely with the coast guard, FAA and NTSB to secure the location and investigate the cause. Our main concern at this time is maintaining and restoring our colleagues," Riahi said.

The plane that crashed is known to have been produced in 1975. His certificate of eligibility was last issued in 2015 and expires in 2024.

Source : https://www.cnnindonesia.com/internasional/20210703043833-134-662602/pesawat-kargo-boeing-737-jatuh-di-laut-hawaii