Jakarta, CNN Indonesia -- The Ministry of Transportation (Kemenhub) regulates the technicality of road to air travel in Java and Bali during the emergency PPKM implemented July 3-July 20, 2021. This is done to limit the mobility of the community in the midst of a spike in cases of covid-19 transmission.

Minister of Transportation Budi Karya Sumadi explained that people who travel by road must include a letter or certificate of vaccine. At a minimum, the vaccine certificate is the first dose.

Then, the public is also obliged to bring a negative covid-19 certificate through RT-PCR or RT-antigen examination. For RT-PCR tests must be done 2x24 hours before departure, while RT-antigen 1x24 hours before departure.

Similarly, if people travel by train in Java and Bali. Passengers must bring a covid-19 vaccine certificate, as well as negative rt-PCR or RT-antigen results.

"The tightening of mobility in Java and Bali requires travelers to have vaccine certificates, RT-PCR or RT-antigen for land mode and long-distance trains," Budi said in an online press conference, Friday (2/7).

The same conditions also apply to crossing transportation and sea transportation. Meanwhile, the rules for air transportation are stricter.

"Especially for air in Java and Bali, travelers must submit vaccine certificates and RT PCR tests 2x24 hours," said Budi.

Thus, the negative results of the covid-19 test using RT-antigen do not apply to use for air travel during emergency PPKM. Budi said passengers are also required to fill out a health alert card (e-HAC) when using air, sea, and crossing transportation.

Then, the Ministry of Transportation also reduces the maximum capacity in public transportation during emergency PPKM. The maximum capacity of air transport dropped from 100 percent to 70 percent, land fell from 85 percent to 50 percent, and crossings dropped from 85 percent to 50 percent.

Then, the maximum capacity of sea transportation dropped from 100 percent to 70 percent. For railways, intercity specialty remains the same 70 percent, KRL decreases from 45 percent to 32 percent, and non KRL urban trains remain 50 percent.

Source : https://www.cnnindonesia.com/ekonomi/20210702205834-92-662541/syarat-perjalanan-darat-hingga-udara-selama-ppkm-darurat