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Gold Mine

Our motto "Your Solution Partner" is our promise to our GOLD & COPPER MINE customers. We provide complete range of products as well as providing technical knowledge to achieve better GOLD/METAL RECOVERY, productivity and lower costs.

Our production site in Indonesia located in the Gold Mine Area is an advantage, near to customers and our intensive care and focus to the needs of each customers of GOLD & COPPER MINE.

KEMINDO has complete range of Products to give solutions for our GOLD & COPPER MINE, from GRINDING MEDIA (Forge BALL and Cast BALL) to Reagant chemicals such as :


Reagant / Chemicals :


- Activated Carbon

- Caustic Soda (Pearl, Flake and Liquid)

- Copper Sulfate

- Hydrogen Peroxide

- Lime (Hydrated Lime & Quick Lime)

- Sodium (Sulphites and Metabisulphites - SMBS)

- Xanthates

Consumables :

- Grinding Balls (Forge & Cast Balls)


Special Projects :

- Fluorine Mitigation - CMC

- Gold Recovery Project Thru

- Pulp Chemistry, selective Grinding Media

- Green Lixiviant - Cyanide replacement

We are on developing a project to replace Cyanide as one of the Toxic (DG) chemicals with Environment Friendly Products for good practice with sustainable & long term solution.

Project : Flourine Mitigation. We are on progress implementation for one of our customer to solve their Flourine issue by using one of our product, CMC base.

Please CONTACT US , for further details on our solutions to your inquiries.

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